About Us

Our Story

We are an enthusiastic team of physiotherapists in Ash near Canterbury who have worked together for a number of years under the Clinic Director Louise Cousins who established the Ash Physiotherapy Clinic 30 years ago. Katharine Lane joined the practice in 2007. Due to the expansion of the clinic, 2 further Physiotherapists  were appointed ; Ann Thavisin in 2012 and Tine-Marie Birnie in 2015. More recently Emily Johnson and Belinda Kotze (Paediatric Physiotherapist) have joined the practice. We are specialist musculoskeletal and vestibular physiotherapists who work closely with other medical professionals such as GP’s and Consultants both in the NHS and private sectors. The physiotherapists have accrued over 50 years of clinical experience which has also involved continual updating and the development of our skills in specialist areas by attending courses, conferences and further study.

We are fortunate to enjoy a delightful work atmosphere in a bright dedicated clinic premises opposite St Nicholas Church, a significant land mark in the historic village of Ash. The clinic is well equipped and has parking on site and disabled access. We have full-time administrative support.

The physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (MCSP)

A patient's knee is being treated in Ash physiotherapy clinic

What do we offer?

The team of 6 physiotherapists have diverse skills, expertise and training in many aspects of Physiotherapy and  use an integrated approach in their treatments using ‘hands on’ manual therapy, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue massage, graded exercise therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, balance retraining, acupuncture and dry needling. The Physiotherapists are very self-motivated and continually update their skills in more specialist areas by attending courses, conferences and further studying to be able to give their patients the most effective care to achieve the best possible outcome.

What can we treat?

The more common conditions that the physiotherapists treat include spinal pain, headaches, whiplash injuries, peripheral joint problems such as shoulder strains, hip and knee arthritis, sports injuries and other soft tissue traumas.  We have physiotherapists who have a specialist interest in Vestibular, Dizziness and Balance Disorders. as well as a specialist interest in Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, Ehlers Danlos  and the more complex Chronic Pain problems.

Who do we report to?

The physiotherapists liaise with the doctors either by telephone or letter if  further investigations such as Xrays, scans or blood tests or a referral to see a Consultant is needed . We have over the years built an outstanding reputation with GPs and Consultants for the quality of patient-treatment, reporting and communication. Patient surveys are used to monitor patients’ satisfaction regarding the physiotherapy service and feed-back on both the quality and outcome of treatment has been positive.


Who can we see?

The clinic is accessible to all patients. Members of the public can self-refer. We can be contacted by telephone, email or through our web-site. We take referrals from GP’s and specialist Orthopaedic, Rheumatology, Pain and ENT Consultants. Patients can be referred by their GP on the NHS.