Sue Kittle

Team Physio

Sue qualified as a physiotherapist in 1988 having graduated from the South Australian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy and Post Graduate Sports Diploma in 1994. Since then she has completed numerous courses increasing her knowledge and expertise in treating complex injuries and conditions. Over the last 15 years she has treated many people with hypermobility related conditions, and has an understanding  and skills in helping this group of people.

Clinically, people who are hypermobile typically present to the physiotherapy clinic complaining of pain which is generally a result of the muscular skeletal tissue laxity causing biomechanical stresses and so secondary overuse or inflammatory problems. They can can also experience other non-articular problems such as widespread chronic pain (fibromyalgia), fatigue, poor intestinal mobility and may  have psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Sue’s treatment approach will generally revolve around improving movement patterns by strengthening or lengthening different muscles and gentle manual treatment to help with pain.  Encouraging people to become more active and more informed about the self-management  of having flexible joints is an important aspect of treatment.

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